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I feel it as a challenge to make the Dutch people familiar with real traditional Japanese cooking and thus introduce some part of the Japanese culture to them.”

Y. Morikawa

Chef cook Sushi Morikawa

Yasunari Morikawa is the chef cook of Sushi Morikawa. Since his family already owned a restaurant he has been brought up with cooking

After many years of training and getting all the required training (he is for example licensed to prepare the poisonous blowfish or “fugu” in Japanese), he has been working full time since 1992 in various restaurants in Japan and the Netherlands, first as a cook and later as a chef cook. However in those restaurants he was not able to fully deploy is sushi cooking skills and that is why he decided to start his own restaurant.

When you go sit at the bar of Sushi Morikawa you can see him prepare your dish in front of your eyes.

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