All dishes are made fresh without the use of any precooked or readymade ingredients

Our takeaway menu can be downloaded here (pdf)

The diner menu can be downloaded here (pdf). The wine list can be downloaded here (pdf).

Download the piece by piece nigiri sushi menu here (pdf)

Menu highlights

1.Hakosushi (Box Sushi)

Hako Sushi Battera (specialty of the chef) Our Chef comes from Osaka Japan, and is educated in the very particular Sushi at Osaka area. As far as we know we are the only restaurant in Holland is making this kind of sushi. This style is very different from the  sushi which is standard around Tokyo and is the mostly sold sushi style in Holland.

2.Nigiri (sliced fish on sushi rice)

Maguro (Tuna) We use raw tuna, directly imported from Japan (more choice than in Holland). We cut tuna with the plot of the fish, this gives a smooth feeling in the mouth. It requires specialized knowledge to cut fish this way. This technique can only be studied in Japan.

Shiromi (Bass, halibut, sea bream) Not many restaurants do use Shiromi fish, because the it is difficult to cut the shiromi fish, and if not done properly there is a lot of waste. The cooking methods must be used very carefully, and it will take two or three days to make delicious fish.

Anago (like eel) This is a very popular fish in Japan, but not yet sold in Holland. Restaurants in Holland use regular eel. Amago looks like eel, but is less fat and has a more refined taste.

Saba (Mackerel), Aji (Horse mackerel), Iwashi (Sardine) It is difficult o marinate these fish. It takes a lot of skill to handle the raw fish smell for these fish and to prevent it from going bad. That's why other restaurants purchase the pre-cooked product.

Tamago (Scrambled chicken egg) We buy raw eggs and use a special egg pan. It is very difficult to control the proper heating temperature. It can easily burn, because it is egg with seasoning. We take out air properly so it will become a soft fried-egg.

Sushi Meshi (Sushi rice) We are making our own sushi vinegar by mixing vinegar and some seasonings. That's why each sushi restaurant has it’s own taste of Sushi rice. We find that many restaurants think very lightly of making rice. In Japan, we say that rice is 70% and fish is 30% of the taste of sushi.

3.Makisushi (Roll)

Makimono (Rice roll with sea-weed) To make proper Makimono, you have to press firmly while making the roll, but not to hard, because then the air in the rice is pressed out and the Nori will become hard. This is a Japanese Sushi technique.

Futomaki (Rice roll with varying ingredients) We make this Futomaki ourselves. We use Usuyaki Tamago (very thin fried egg). You cannot buy this anywhere. For the Futomaki we do not use any raw materials, so it can be used for take-out.

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