sushi Morikawa in the press:

MUST EAT NL Author: Luc Hoornaert, page 224-227

ABOUT SUSHI MORIKAWA (translated from Dutch)

“An important gastronomical milestone in my life was tasing my first fantastic sushi.”

“Yasunari Morikawa makes since 2009 the best sushi of NL”

“At Sushi Morikawa they clearly know what tradition is. The sushi that is served here shows a lot of craftsmanship and knowhow, and does not have his equal in the Netherlands according to me.”

The whole article (in Dutch) can be downloaded here


Luc Hoornaert has been active in the field of gastronomy for more than 25 years and provides rare Japanese ingredients to a broad spectrum of international chefs who are passionate about quality. His relentless search and curiosity for good and tasty food has brought him to countless places and has given him an insight into a wide range of kitchens and preparations.


The “Must Eat” series  offers an exciting selection of restaurants, picked because of their specialty. With not only your typical, well-known classic places to go but mainly an authentic selection of hidden gems, this guides will even open new worlds for the local and have him discover a gastronomical place within a place, a foodie's heaven. Get to know the chef behind the dish and his love for the produce. With beautiful photography by Kris Vlegel

MUST EAT NL is in Dutch. Titles in English include MUST EAT LONDON and MUST EAT NYC


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